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a workshop in 40 fundamentals                  

The Workshop

       Legal Writing Best Practices is a 4-hour workshop in basic guidelines recommended by legal-writing experts.  The workshop covers 40 do's and don'ts and how to remember them, including typical mistakes lawyers make when they "write like a lawyer."  The workshop is made up of short presentations with hands-on exercises in a 40-page workbook, followed by discussion. 

What topics are covered?

  • Choosing your words carefully
  • Constructing sentences and paragraphs for maximum impact
  • Tailoring your writing to your reader
  • Planning your document, designing it, and organizing it
  • Using an efficient approach to drafting
  • Reviewing your work with a 3-part checklist

What you will take away from the workshop?

  • Improved sensitivity to 40 basic clear writing guidelines
  • Two leading textbooks on effective legal writing
  • A 40-page workbook
  • An efficient drafting and editing process
  • A 3-part checklist to systematically edit your work
  • 4 hours of CLE credit